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Landon & Heather Schott Podcast

May 2019

Love Mercy

Mercy is how God shows love to us, Showing Mercy is How We Show Love To God!

May 2019

Nothing But Oil

"The moment you stop bringing the vessel, is the moment the oil stops flowing." | A Special Mother's Day Message with Pastor Heather Schott

May 2019

First Sunday with Pastor Zane Anderson

"The world is enamored with the visible, but there is something more real in the invisible."

May 2019

Encountering Mercy

Because of sin, Moses took the presence away from the people, but God CREATED MERCY to bring His presence close to people.

Apr 2019

Religion’s Veil

Man couldn’t come into the Holy Place, so God sent the Holy Place (The Holy Spirit) into man!

Apr 2019

Carrying Mercy

Mercy Culture Team Night  |  Heart for Mercy

Mar 2019

HEAR, BELIEVE, OBEY - Mercy Culture Installment Service

Join our Apostolic Elders Tom Lane, Dr. Michael Brown, and Zane Anderson as they install Landon and Heather Schott as the Lead Pastors of Mercy Culture Church!

Mar 2019

“Witchcraft & Spiritual Warfare”

Demons always resist the Holy Spirit and so do religous people!

Feb 2019

5 Standards of Leadership

Learn 5 disciplines that will help you grow spiritually.

Jan 2019

The Presence of Mercy

Don't let anything keep you from the presence of God!