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Landon & Heather Schott Podcast

Aug 2019

The Ways of God pt 5: The Fear of the Lord

“You can experience the presence of God, but you can’t dwell in His presence without fearing the Lord.”

Aug 2019

First Sunday with Dr Michael Brown

"Since God is multigenerational, we must be multigenerationally minded."

Jul 2019

The Ways of God pt 4: Righteousness

The thing Jesus told us to seek first we have sought last if at all.

Jul 2019

The Ways of God pt 3: Generosity

“Generosity is when you give freely & extravagantly from a place of faith, where the only objective is to please God!”

Jul 2019

The Ways of God pt 2: Unity in the Spirit

“When you dwell in unity, not only do you experience corporate encounters, you experience personal encounters.”

Jul 2019

First Sunday with Pastor Russell Johnson

“God didn’t cause your pain but He will use your pain!”

Jun 2019

Our Cry

“Crying out is the only battle that you don’t have to be face to face with your opponent, and you will still see victory.” 


Jun 2019

The Spirit And The Bride Say Come

Sunday service with Pastor Corey Russell from Upperroom.

Jun 2019

The Mark Of A Father

We hope you enjoy this powerful Fathers day sermon from Pastor Tom Lane, one of Mercy Culture Church's Apostolic Elders. 

Jun 2019

The Gift At Pentecost

"God’s best gift to the world was Jesus. Jesus’ best gift to the world was his Holy Spirit."

We hope you enjoy this sermon from Pastor Landon Schott preached from Mercy Culture Church in Fort Worth, TX.